James Easter of the Easter Brothers Welcomes You

Jeff and James perform “Like Father Like Son”

The haunting melody that tells story of the timeless relationships between fathers and sons, as  performed by Jeff and James Easter, and written by Jeff’s wife, Sheri.
Jeff and James Easter

See why this song Like Father, Like Son, won the Special Event Project of the Year during the Absolutely Gospel Awards presentation. Click Here to buy the CD

It was a long time coming, but in November, 2013, James and Jeff released the long awaited and much anticipated CD, “Like Father Like Son”, with the title track written by Jeff’s very talented wife, Sheri Lewis Easter. For both the father and the son, this release was the realization of a dream come true.  At the time of the release, Jeff explained that “when my mama passed away in 2011, Daddy was playing the song ‘I Won’t Have To Worry Anymore’. Sheri, Rabbit [Jeff’s brother, Steve Easter], and I sang at her funeral. We decided to record the song and have Daddy sing the second verse. From that, we decided to do this project, and I’m so thrilled at how it’s turning out.”

Finally, after all those years of enjoying each other’s music, the father and son teamed up to make what turned out to be an incredible project. “Like Father, Like Son,” features songs both two men love and have always wanted to do, and both James and Jeff are featured on every song, while other pairs of father-son friends were also called in joined them on a few of the songs.  Jonathan and Jordan Wilburn and Gerald and Jason Crabb are special guests, and the result is nothing short of amazing. Classic songs like “Down In The Valley” and a medley of camp meeting songs are included, along with some Easter Brothers hits, and the title song Sheri penned for the two.

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