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With the release of the EP “Dreams”, it’s obvious that the Easter family tree just keeps growing.

Madison Easter is the the first great-grandchild of Roy “Pop” Lewis, the patriarch of Georgia Hall of Famers and “the first family of bluegrass” The Lewis Family, the grandson of James Easter  of The Easter Brothers, and the son of Grammy-nominated gospel artists Jeff and Sheri Easter.

This husband and wife singer/songwriter duo, Madison and Shannon have been making music together since 2012 but that wasn’t the beginning for them. They first met in 2004 when they were just young high-school students, and were both performing music for a church youth rally in Lincolnton, GA. Madison remembers that “Shan was incredible. I couldn’t get her off of my mind for days.” They were married in 2010 and soon thereafter began writing together. The couple released this, their first acoustic EP, “Dreams”, in March of 2013.

Madison is no stranger to traveling and performing. Surrounded by music, he taught himself guitar at the age of 13 and quickly progressed to other instruments and eventually started writing and singing. After traveling nearly 3 million miles with his parents as their guitarist, it came time for Madison to leave the group to pursue a career writing and singing with Shannon. It paid off. Madison was named Absolutely Gospel’s Musician Of The Year for three consecutive years, and won a Dove award for his work co-producing Jeff and Sheri Easter’s album Eyes Wide Open.

Shannon also comes from a family centered around a love for music. She began taking piano lessons at the age of 5, and would often play and sing for her church. As she grew into a young adult, Shannon stayed active in her community, performed in many of her school’s musical programs, and started writing her first songs at 1. Soon, notebook after notebook were filled with her lyrics. After their engagement, Shannon began traveling full-time with Madison and his family, serving as Sheri’s personal assistant and managing the group’s product and social media marketing. In 2015, she left the group alongside Madison.

“Dreams” differs from a lot of the work produced by other members of the Easter family, in that it is not a Gospel CD, but rather a collection of songs about relationships written from their own Christian perspective. As Madison explained it, “at times the “Gospel” label can become more of a hinderance than a helping factor in having new people discover your music. If I can call it “Country” and have just one or two people that would have ignored “Gospel”, then calling it that has served it’s purpose. A label doesn’t change the content of the album. The great thing about it too is that since we are Believers and have a relationship with Jesus Christ, we know that people can relate to these songs because they come from the same belief system as us.”

Here is the full track list included on the EP “Dreams”:


1 –  Without You
2 –  Glass Heart
3 –  Letting Go
4 –  Our Last Mile
5 –  Dreams

Watch Madison and Shannon perform the haunting and beautiful “Letting Go” from the “Dreams” EP:


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