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Expecting Good Things

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Expecting Good Things was released in 2010, and expresses their true world view. It’s been said that for Jeff & Sheri, gospel music is genetically programmed into their DNA. Because they both come from a line of acclaimed musical families—Jeff’s father is one of the Easter Brothers and Sheri’s mother is a member of The Lewis Family—they grew up surrounded by the sound of people praising God through their God given musical talents. Since the start of their marriage and dual career in 1986,  Jeff & Sheri have set a standard of excellence in the field of Southern Gospel Music with their consistent, upbeat message. They now tour and travel with their children, Madison on guitar and vocals, Morgan on vocals, and Maura, all of which adds to their dynamic sound/stage presence with unbelievable family harmonies and an authentic ability to communicate their message of hope.  This award-winning sound has gained them countless industry awards including GMA Dove Awards, a Grammy nomination, several Singing News Fan Awards, three Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music Association Awards, and a long list of others.

Jeff & Sheri Easter’s 2010 release, Expecting Good Things, embodies the spirit and the sentiment by which this energetic southern gospel couple lives their lives, every day. The CD will gratify even the most demanding enthusiast’s tastes—while staying true to the bluegrass/progressive country/bluesy style that has become distinctly their own.

Here’s how Sheri describes her world view, and what they see as their mission:

“We wake up pretty much the same way each morning. We have our routines and like it that way! But every now and then, our routine is nudged by an inconvenience—a cancelled meeting or a flat tire. Other days it’s shaken to the core with the tough stuff of life—a loss or a diagnosis. Throughout the entire process of putting together this project, we have dealt with the tough stuff, the diagnosis of breast cancer, surgeries, and chemotherapy. We’ve experienced in vivid definition the “in sickness and in health” part of our marriage vows. Our marriage has been strengthened, our family has drawn closer and we have discovered a new way to breathe in and breathe out. These days we wake up each morning more thankful, more alive and expecting good things!”


First released in 2010 on the Spring Hill label, “Expecting Good Things” features the following tracks:


1    – The Sun Will Shine Again
2   – Born To Climb
3   – Time For Me To Fly
4   – Love Remains
5   – Workin’ On A Road
6   – I Know I Love You
7   – Expecting Good Things
8   – Over The Mountain
9   – I Get To
10 – I Need You More Today
11 –  I Don’t Wanna Cry
12 – In The Name Of Jesus
13 – Hear My Heart

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