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Eyes Wide Open

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With “Eyes Wide Open”, Jeff & Sheri Easter followed right up on their latest GRAMMY-nominated, DOVE Award-winning, studio release, and created an all-new recording incorporating their signature country style with a celebration of their family heritage, past and present.

“Eyes Wide Open” features a song co-written by Sheri and son, Madison, to commemorate Sheri’s victory over breast cancer. This project, which is highlighted by family harmonies and bluegrass tones, features Sheri re-recording a classic Mahalia Jackson ballad that Sheri’s mother (a member of the legendary Lewis Family) recorded, and Sheri’s daughter Morgan pays homage to her mother with a re-make of “I Wonder If He Ever Cries.”

The family ties continue as Madison joins as a co-producer of the project for the first time, and also features Jeff’s performance of the tune “I Won’t Have to Worry,” performing alongside his his father James Easter,  a 60 plus year member of The Easter Brothers. This is a down home recording that keeps it all in the family!

First released in 2012 on the Slanted Records label, “Eyes Wide Open” features the following tracks:


1 –   A Little Bit Of Sunshine
2 –   I’ll Take It
3 –   Sitting On Top of the World
4 –   I Know How It Feels to Survive
5 –   It Must Have Been You
6 –   I Wonder If He Ever Cries
7 –   Anything But Happy
8 –   Love Is
9 –   I Won’t Have to Worry
10 – There Is a Purpose
11 –  Standing Here Wondering
12 –  A Good Old Gospel Song

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