James Easter of the Easter Brothers Welcomes You

The Easter Brothers Songbook

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The Easter Brothers Songbook features all the words and sheet music to 40 of their all times favorites!

A Hammer, A Nail, or a Rose
Just Another Hill
A Little At A Time
Closer to You
Don’t Overlook Your Blessings
Everything Looks Brighter When I Pray
Forever On My Knees
Gonna Have A Little Talk With You Lord
Little Grain of Sand
Heart That Will Never Break Again
Help Me Stand Lord
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
A Hero For Jesus
He’s Everything I Need
He’s the Rock I’m Leaning On
I Pleaded Guilty
It Was His Way
It Was Mama
I’ve Been Touched
I’ll Be Gone, Gone, Gone
Jesus Is Living In Me
Jesus You Just Made My Day
Lord I Can’t Picture Me Without You
Lord I Will
When The Sun Comes Up Tomorrow
Please Don’t Tell My Daddy
Sixty-Four Roses
Standing On The Banks
Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me
That’s What Makes It Home
The Last Hill
The Last Time I Saw Mama
The Whale Swallowed Jonah
There’s No Better Time Than Now
They’re Holding Up The Ladder
Walk Through This World With Me Jesus
We’re Going Home
Wore Out
Wounded Soldier
I’m Holding To His Hand

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