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The Wit & Wisdom of Andy Griffith

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Andy Griffith is usually remembered for his role as sheriff Taylor of Mayberry, but this CD, “The Wit & Wisdom of Andy Griffith” is a reminder of his comedic background.

Beloved for his roles as Sheriff Andy and Matlock, his early years as a stand-up comic are nearly forgotten. Griffith was a storyteller, and although college educated, he liked to view the world through the character of an ill-educated southern country boy befuddled by the world, including the nonsensical behavior of Romeo and Juliet, or Anthony and Cleopatra, or even the participants in a simple game of football.

“What It Was Was Football,” was one of the bits that established Griffith in the mid-’50s, and is included in this all-live collection, “The Wit & Wisdom of Andy Griffith”. Typical of this kind of humor, the wisdom that shapes these observations elevates the routines to inspired satire. Its targets are the pompous and the prejudiced and its shots are always true.

Here are the comedy tracks included on “The Wit & Wisdom of Andy Griffith”:


1    – What It Was, Was Football, Parts. 1 & 2
2   – Conversation with a Mule
3   – The Preacher and The Bear
4   – Andy And Cleopatra
5   – Romeo & Juliette, Parts 1 & 2
6   – The Discovery Of America
7   –  Love Poems: “To the Lovely Juanita Beasley”
8   – Swan Lake
9   – Opera Carmen
10 – Silhouettes

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