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There’s A Better Life

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“There’s A Better Life” was released in 2011, and is the product of yet another branch of this talented family: Jared, Marti, and Jacob Easter, along with Steve Schramm. Jared, Jacob, and Marti Easter have been surrounded by Bluegrass Gospel music their entire lives. They were born and raised in Mount Airy, NC, where Mayberry’s Music Center is located, and are the grandchildren of Russell Lee Easter of the legendary Easter Brothers, and the children of Russell Easter, Jr., the renowned gospel producer and musician.

They draw their influences from a wide variety of styles and artists, and the result is that The Easter Family has crafted their own unique sound, recognized as one of the highest standards in bluegrass and Gospel music. Settle in and listen: you’ll hear smooth family harmonies, top notch playing, and excellent musicianship.

The love of bluegrass gospel music has been instilled and deeply embedded into the heart of this family from the beginning. It was over 60 years ago that The Easter Brothers, Russell, James, and Edd wrote their first tunes as gospel musicians, and are credited with being among the first to introduce stringed music into the churches.

“There’s A Better Life” is a project that has infused some of that same great music written so many years ago, with a blend of new music that are original to The Easter Family. The title track “There’s A Better Life” tells of the life awaiting in Heaven, if we only trust and believe in the Lord as our Savior. “He’s Just What I Need” is a beautiful song assuring us that the Lord is just what we need to make it through the tough times; while “The Darkest Hour” describes the most troublesome moments, right before the dawn in our lives.

An old favorite, “Great Speckled Bird”, takes a stroll down memory lane, all  while showcasing some beautiful instrumental work, and even features some very special guests. “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me” is one of the simplest and most beautiful gospel songs ever written. Its melodious tune and praise filled lyrics provide an outlet for everyone to worship the Lord.

Here is the full track list included on “There’s A Better Life”:


1    – How Can You Turn Him Down?
2   – He’s Just What I Need
3   – Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me
4   – There’s a Better Life
5   – When I Pray
6   – Great Speckled Bird
7   – We’re Coming Home
8   – Troubles Arising
9   – The Darkest Hour
10 –  Helping Hand
11 –  Gone, Gone, Gone

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